Traveling to Different Places – Peoples Different Tastes

In my many years of studying, exploring, and living abroad i’ve come to find that life is not always what it appears to be. For instance, when I was living in the small made up town of kingdonisim in my mind, I had little to no clue at all that it would actually resemble a real life town. The town of which I speak is actually considered more of a city, it has canals that run through it, and lots of different substances there which are illegal in other parts of the world are legal. If you guest that this specific city/town is located in the Netherlands, and that it goes by the name of Amsterdam, then you guessed correctly.

While I was exploring Amsterdam by way of bike, taxi, and on foot, recording all the scenery, speaking with the locals, and having a very fun time, I stopped and thought lots of different things. One of the thoughts that kept coming back to mind is the fact that how does such a city that allows its residents to smoke marijuana in coffee shops legally like it’s an ordinary daily thing not have a horrible country. There is no easy or clear answer to this unless you take into account that weed doesn’t make anyone violent. In fact, weed makes people mellow, relaxed, and gives them the hunger munchies.

Now that takes me on to a whole different topic, what do the locals of Amsterdam eat when they’re high, and what do they eat TO get high. The lucky thing for them is they have a huge selection of pastries, coffees, and butters that can be spread across bread to eat and get high off of. Lots of the recipes can be found, like for instance how to make weed butter that will get you high when you eat it with other food. The locals have shops, and dispensaries where they have a huge selection and large choices of their option for getting stoned.

I watched one man take a donut, sprinkle some THC powder on it like it was sugar, dip it into his coffee that contained marijuana butter in it and then proceed to read the newspaper like it was nothing. For me, such an event would have gotten me so stoned that my eyes would be blood shot enough to not be able to see anything for a few days. I would probably head back to my hotel and sleep late into the afternoon after I munched down on some chips. What would you do in a situation like that?